President’s Message

Site Florida & Caribbean
President’s Message
December 2018
Maura Dominguez-Zhang

Dear SITE Florida & Caribbean members,

It is with great honor, pride and humility that I take on the role of President of the SITE Florida & Caribbean Chapter in 2018.

I have some really big shoes to fill and I do not take this responsibility lightly. But as the English poet John Donne wrote “no man is an island” and I’m only a fraction of the whole (my fabulous Board of Directors). Our board has been stimulated by the messages of innovation, creativity and motivation from the 2018 SITE + MPI Global Forum in Rome, and we have collaborated on an amazing action plan for the year. Together we will accomplish spectacular things for our members in 2018.

Before I proceed, I have to recognize and honor to my predecessors who have built the chapter over our 40+ year history. Some of you may not be aware that our chapter has some of the richest history in all of SITE Global. In fact, one of our legacy lifetime members, Mr. Chris Perks, was not only the founder of our chapter, but one of the founders of SITE Global, and he is still very active in our events.

Our membership is filled with some of the incentive travel industry’s biggest influencers. Our diversity is ubiquitous in the myriad disciplines that our members are involved in, as much as in the numerous cultures we encompass. Our chapter is made up of over 12 countries who are current members and our influence and buying power is global.

I often get the question “what’s in it for me?”, when a potential member is considering joining SITE. My answer is always the same… GET INVOLVED…you get out what you put in. I’m speaking from personal experience. Although I’ve been a member on and off since about 2006, it wasn’t until I became very active in 2013, that I started seeing the fruits of this investment. The connections I have made and personal and professional growth I have experienced are all a direct result of my time and efforts dedicated to SITE. SITE members trust SITE members and this trust is the catalyst for a chain reaction of opportunities that will come your way; but as the popular saying goes “you must be present to win”.

As a member you will get exposure, referrals, leads, contacts, promotions, education, friendships and so much more, but you have to be active; you have to participate. There are so many ways to get involved: volunteer in a committee, volunteer to help with an event, contribute to the newsletter, sponsor an event, simply attend the events, and so much more – but just SHOW UP! Our members get priority and notoriety that is only available to members, so take advantage of these opportunities.

Looking ahead to #whatsinsite, we are excited about some really innovative events, education and initiatives in 2018. Our priorities will be: value and engagement for our members through events and education, advocacy and storytelling, revamping our social media and communications and implementing some sustainability pillars in the Year of Sustainable Tourism. We also have some exciting collaborations with other chapters (SITE Chicago, SITE Texas Tech Summit in Miami and SITE Southeast ICE Conference in Punta Cana), which will provide our members with increased possibilities to connect and grow their network.

Looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming events and cheers to a great year!

Maura Dominguez-Zhang, CIS
2018 President, SITE Florida & Caribbean
Managing Partner, SYNERGY-CONNECT

SITE Florida & Caribbean promotes and increases the awareness and benefits of Incentive Travel through Education, Motivational Events, and Business Relationships to foster professional development and integrity for its members.